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To order please contact:
Joan Reynolds
Red Rose Ragtime Band
7 Warrington Drive
Lake Bluff, IL 60044

E-Mail Joan
Phone: 847-234-9032
Fax: 847-234-9062
Deep Hollow

Red Rose Ragtime Duo (summer 2005) "A Totally Different Rag"

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Rachel Ruhman - Violin  Joan Reynolds - Piano


1. Weeping Willow...Scott Joplin
2. Totally Different Rag...May Aufderheide
3. Roberto Clemente....David Thomas Roberts
4. Grace & Beauty (piano)....James Scott
5 Last Rag.....William Bolcom
6. Pekin Rag...Joe Jordan
7. Solace.....Scott Joplin
8. Little Wabash Special(piano) ...Tom Shea
9. One for Norma...Max Morath
10.Red Peppers...Imogene Giles
11. Panama...William Tyers
12. Evergreen Rag (piano)..James Scott
13. Keystone ....Willie Anderson
14. Snookums...Chas. L. Johnson
15. Cole Smoak(piano) ...Clarence St. John
16 . Apple Jack...Chas. L. Johnson




Red Rose Ragtime Band: 2004 CD

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1. Horsefeathers...Cliff Jackson & Marvin Smolev
2. I Must Have It....King Oliver
3.When You And I Were Young,Maggie...J. A. Butterfield
4.The Gouge of Armour Avenue...W.C. Handy
5. Pine Apple Rag....Scott Joplin (piano, banjo, tuba)
6. Big Lip Blues...Jelly Roll Morton
7. My Pet......Milt Ager & Jack Yellen (vocal, Tom Bartlett)
8. The Pearls...Jelly Roll Morton
9. Love Songs of the Nile..Nacio Herb Brown
10.Snowy Morning Blues..James P. Johnson ( piano)
11.Satan’s Cakewalk...J. P. Greenberg, 1904
12. Buffalo Blues...Jelly Roll Morton
13. When the Moon Shines On Coral Gables...Charles Bayha
14. Sugar Cane....Scott Joplin (piano)
15. Lead Me, Saviour...Frank M. Davis, 1839-1896
16. Cole Smoke...Clarence St. John
17. Doin’ the Raccoon....Klages & Coots
18. Key-Stone.....Willie Anderson (piano)
19. Creole Belle...J. Bodewalt Lampe
20. The Terror ...Cliff Jackson & Marvin Smolev

Band Members: Art Davis, trumpet; Kim Cusack, clarinet/alto; Tom Bartlett, trombone; Wayne Jones, drums; Jack Meilahn, banjo/guitar; Steve Ley, tuba; Joan Reynolds, piano/leader.



Red Rose Ragtime Band

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1. Chicago Buzz
2. African Hunch
3. Climax Rag
4. Wild Man Blues
5. Quality Shout
6. Texas Fox Trot
7. Changes (vocal)
8. Blues of the Vagabond
9. Grace and Beauty Rag
10.Rhumba Negro
11.WeatherBird Rag
12. Panama (piano only)
13. Snake Hips
14. I’m More Than Satisfied (vocal)
15.Satanic Blues
16. I’m Goin’ Huntin’
17. Bantam Step (trio)
18. Daybreak Blues
19. The Smiler
Band Members:
Bob Neighbor, trumpet/ Kim Cusack, clarinet, alto sax/
Tom Bartlett, trombone, vocals/ Joan Reynolds, piano/
Leah Bezin, banjo/or-Jack Meilahn, banjo/
Mike Short, tuba/ Wayne Jones, drums/

Deep Hollow

1. My Heart
2.Deep Hollow
3. Roberto Clemente
4. Everybody Loves My Baby
5. Down Where The Sun Goes Down
6. Ah Ha!
7. Whitewash Man
8. Magnolia's Wedding Day
9. The Girl Who Went Away
10.Baby, Oh Where Can You Be?
11. Jelly Bean Blues
12.  Mammy Blossom's Possum Party
13. Big Boy
14. Wha -Cha- Call- Em Blues
15. Somebody Else is Taking My Place
16.Top Liner Rag
17.Schlaf mein prinzen
18. Camp Meeting Blues
19. Red Rose Rag

















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