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The band has been invited to play at the best of the American traditional jazz festivals. Red Rose has appeared in the U.S. at:

  • Sacramento Dixieland Jubilee (California)
  • Central City Jazz Festival (Colorado)
  • St. Louis National Ragtime & Jazz Festival (Missouri)
  • Bix Beiderbecke Jazz Festival (Iowa)
  • Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival
    (Sedalia, Missouri)
  • The Great American Dixieland Jazz Festival (San Diego, California)
  • Connecticut Jazz Festival (Essex, Connecticut)
  • Milwaukee Jazz Jubilee (Wisconsin)
  • Central Ohio Jazz Festival (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Albany Jazz Festival (Washington)
  • Banks of the Wabash Jazz Festival (Indiana)
  • Olde Towne Jazz Festival (Michigan)
  • Big Horn Festival of Traditional Jazz
    (Chicago, Illinois)
  • San Juan Island Dixieland Festival
    ( Friday Harbor, Washington)
  • Chicago Historical Society
  • Del Mar Jazz Festival (California)
  • Tribute to Bix Festival (Racine, Wisconsin)
    ......and others....

In addition to playing festivals each year, the Red Rose has been a popular band with the many jazz clubs in the mid-west and other parts of the country.
In l987, the Red Rose appeared for the first time in Europe, where it was invited to perform at Breda's "Oude Stijl Jazz-Festival" in Holland. While in Holland the Red Rose played concerts for the jazz societies of Heerlen and Zutphen, and also appeared at the jazz club,"Dr. Jazz" in Dusseldorf, Germany.

In August, l990, the Red Rose Ragtime Band made its first appearance in France, performing for one week at the "Jazz at Marciac" festival. From southern France they flew to England to appear at the famous Nottingham Rhythm Club.
The RRRB finished its tour playing the "Brecon Jazz Festival" in Wales.

Red Rose has recorded two LP albums and one cassette: "The Red Rose Ragtime Band...Hot Jazz, Blues & Ragtime" on its own label, Red Rose Records and "A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose" on Stomp-Off label. A cassette, "Red Rose On The Road" was released in l989.
It's first CD, "Chicago Buzz" , on the Stomp-Off label, was released in December, 2000. The most recent CD, "Horse Feathers" was released on Stomp-Off in July, 2004. All recordings are available for purchase. Please check the CD page.

Band members are:
Kim Cusack--clarinet, alto sax Wayne Jones-- drums
Tom Bartlett--trombone Jack Meilahn--banjo/guitar
Art Davis--trumpet Steve Ley --tuba
Joan Reynolds-- piano (leader)

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